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The Role of a “Guiding Coalition” When Leading Safety-Culture Change

No matter how good you are, you can’t lead a safety-culture change on your own. It requires a team of people who support and reinforce each others’ efforts in communicating, driving and normalizing the change. But forming a change-management team itself is no guarantee of success if that team is weak in its level of […]

Don’t Be Like These Workers…Be Safe Instead!

Happy Friday! Be safe this weekend and don’t do anything these people are doing in this video,

Attend to Your Injuries!

It’s Throwback Thursday! Take it from this vintage work safety poster… attend to your injuries as soon as they happen!  

Workers’ Compensation Indemnity Payments

Workers’ compensation indemnity payments can be very difficult to understand. We’re sharing this article on the myths and realities of workers’ compensation to help clear things up,

The Role of “Crisis” When Leading Safety-Culture Change

Over the past several weeks we’ve been following the theme of how to lead safety-culture change more effectively. We’ve looked at what leaders do to drive change, the cycle or stages of change, some general axioms about change, some points of reflection, and the cost of getting it wrong. There’s one final area I want […]