Introducing the SBI Mobile Coach Safety App!

sbi-mc-app-1Now, All the Safety-Culture Tools You Need Right in the Palm of Your Hand!

The SBI Mobile Coach is a one-of-a-kind safety app that gives you the tools you need to coach any safety engagement you might encounter in the plant, mill, work site, field or office–all for the price of two of your favorite coffee drinks per month!

These are the same tools that we at safetyBUILT-IN use (and have used for years) to train thousands of safety leaders, supervisors, managers, directors and executives in the wildly popular “From Compliance to Culture” safety-leadership workshop.

Whether you’re a safety professional, a safety-committee member, a supervisor, manager, director, VP, or anyone else tasked with leading and improving a safety culture, the SBI Mobile Coach will prove to be an invaluable resource for that effort.

The Perfect Tool for the Safety Coach on the Go!

The SBI Mobile Coach app works as a native app for Android devices, or as an HTML5 app for iOS devices (iPhones, iPads, etc.) and Windows Phone browsers. Its features include:

  • Interactive Assessment Forms
  • Job Aids, Job Templates and Quick-Reference Guides
  • Safety Culture e-Books
  • safetyBUILT-IN Video Library
  • Additional Resources
  • Continuous Updates
  • Flexible Subscription Options

Register and Try it for Free!

To learn more about the SBI Mobile Coach, including how to trial it for free, please visit our SBI Mobile Coach App page!

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safetyBUILT-IN is the safety-leadership learning and development division of SCInc.We believe sustainable safety performance is best achieved through a core-values based safety culture, and that culture must be driven by leadership.Our safety-leadership programs are competency-based, and focused on performance outcomes.We believe in building capability and ownership into our client organizations—as well as sustainability into our programs—so that our clients can continue running those programs long after we’re out of the picture. Our emphasis is on building better leadership presence, better leadership communication and better leadership coaching by first building relationships of trust with people and learning how to engage them on the level of their core values and beliefs.

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