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Another Addition to Our “10 Things” Safety Culture Series

We’re pleased to announce the latest addition to our “10 Things” series: “10 Things You Absolutely Must Know about Reinforcing Your Safety Culture By Building Employee Engagement.” Description: Safety culture must ultimately be owned and led by the front lines, and for that to happen employees must be on board and fully engaged. It’s up […]

Establishing the Goal in Your Safety Coaching

One of the more effective ways to coach safety performance and behaviors is to use a coaching model that guides that conversation. An effective coaching model establishes a goal, checks that goal against the current-state reality, explores options for improvements, and creates a plan of action to move forward with those improvements.  One such coaching […]

Breaking Barriers to Greater Safety Performance

Over the past several issues of Recordable Insights we’ve looked at some of the causes of what we’ve termed “coaching interference.”  Remember, “coaching interference” can be anything that stands in the way of a person making strides toward improving safety performance and behaviors in a safety culture.  Along with the causes of interference, we also […]

Growing Your Safety Performance Capacity

The past few issues of Recordable Insights have been focused on the concept of “coaching interference” and how it impacts the ability of the person we’re coaching to make the improvements we want them to make.  There we looked at the sources of that interference, and some ways to mitigate them.  But it’s just as […]

Minimizing “Interference” in Your Safety Coaching

Last issue we looked at the first of many potential sources of interference when coaching safety performance and behaviors.  “Interference” is anything that might diminish the ability of the person you are coaching to make the improvements you want them to make. The first source of interference that we looked at last issue, “telling v. […]