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Fall Proof Your Kitchen for the Elderly

For many, the kitchen provides a wonderful respite from daily life, especially for people of advancing age.  Most of us know someone in that situation–an aging parent, a close friend or relative who may be living on their own and encountering kitchen hazards the rest of us take for granted.  But for the elderly, these […]

Is Your Safety Coaching Interfering with Safety Performance?

Last week we looked at a general principle for transferring ownership of a safety culture to the front-lines.  One application of this principle is in your safety-performance coaching.  You may recall that we started down the path of how to improve our safety coaching and behaviors just before the holidays, and we’re continuing that series […]

“No One Disagrees With His Own Ideas”: Turning Employees into Owners in Safety Culture Development

The problem with much of what passes for safety culture development these days is the “mandate” feel it carries with it. People are essentially coerced into whatever change is being made. Certainly there has to be a mandate if change is going to happen, and that mandate has to be driven by leadership. But the […]

Newly Released: “From Compliance to Culture” ONLINE Safety Leadership Training || Revised and Updated!

As Seen in ASSE’s Professional Safety Journal! safetyBUILT-IN announces the official release of the updated and revised version of its wildly popular online safety leadership training, “From Compliance to Culture.”  The original online safety leadership training, released over two years ago, has undergone significant revisions and updates, including new videos, materials, and interactive assignments that […]