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Safety Leadership Coaching: Are We Coaching the Right Things?

“Coaching safety.”  That’s a mouthful.  We often think we know what it entails without realizing what it is we’re trying to coach.  For instance, are we doing safety coaching  or safety leadership coaching?  There’s a difference.  Are we coaching safety performance or safety leadership performance?  Again, there’s a difference.  One has to do with reinforcing […]

5 Safety Leadership Solutions for Better Safety Meetings

The primary venue for communicating safety is still safety meetings.  And the effectiveness of your safety meetings is driven in very large part by how you conduct those meetings.  We could do them the way we’ve always been done–usually, an unimpassioned, obligatory reading of safety points on a checklist.  Or we could apply safety leadership […]

Get Your “Players” in the Game : Improving Safety Culture

The critical mass for creating sustainable behavioral change is to have 35 – 45% of the targeted population adopt the new behaviors. The early adopters in this population are those who have a positive attitude about the change, and invest their energy in trying to make the change happen, rather than resisting it.  They see […]

Safety is Not a “Moment” : Safety Culture Development or Derailment?

One of the unintentional consequences of placing a focus on safety is the way we bolt it on to other activities we do.  For instance, we regularly hold production or operations meetings (or even corporate meetings) to talk about the tasks we’ll be doing that day or that week.  And to give safety a primary […]

Leveraging Your Well-Poisoners in Safety Culture Development

When faced with an organizational change, such as safety culture development, people will adopt a response to that change based on how they feel about it and how much energy they are willing to invest in those feelings. The Energy Investment Model helps us assess each individual’s attitude toward that change so that we can […]