Archives for October 2014

Improving Safety Culture through Better Stakeholder Management

As HSE people, we normally have very little position power when improving safety culture. That is, we usually do not have managerial authority over those who will be the implementers of the changes that we are looking to introduce. It is critical, then, that we understand the best tactics and techniques to use to influence […]

Improving Safety Culture: What Safety Leaders Must BE, KNOW and DO

Last issue we looked at the ARE-KNOW-DO model of leadership (a.k.a. BE-KNOW-DO), which focuses on who you ARE as a leader, what you KNOW as a leader, and what you DO as a leader. How does all this apply to improving safety culture?  What’s required of safety leaders to build and drive the culture in […]

Striking a Safe Note in a Lightning Storm

If you get caught in a lightning storm, you’re safe if you stand where it has struck before, right? Wrong. This is just one of many myths that surround this powerful, dangerous weather condition. It is important for achieving hazard reduction that anyone who works outside should know what to do if lightning strikes. Since […]

Building Your Leadership Presence for Leading Safety Culture

What’s your vision of a leader? If you were to complete the statement, “I believe a leader is …”, what would it say? And how do we know we’re leading safety culture in the right way? As safety leaders, we have to inspire confidence, passion and commitment around a safety culture.  A big part of leading […]

Safety Culture Solutions for “Sitters”

Studies over the last year have shown that workers who sit more than four hours a day are at significant risk of heart disease and certain types of cancer. Those who sit six or more hours have a much greater chance of getting Type II diabetes. The dangers are especially worrisome for office employees. Thankfully, […]