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safetyBUILT-IN’s Safety Leadership Training Now Available en Español!

“One of the nation’s leading safety leadership and development companies has developed safety leadership training in one of the world’s most widely-used languages. “ (Denver, Colo., Oct. 29, 2014) — Representatives with safetyBUILT-IN announced today that its safety leadership training is now available in Spanish. “We have had many requests in the past to make […]

Dealing with the “Walking Dead” When Doing Safety Culture Development

In a previous article, I introduced the Energy Investment Model developed by Claude Lineberry. The model looks at the different attitudes people have towards planned change, such as safety culture development, and how much energy they are willing to invest in that attitude. Based on those two variables, we are able to place employees in […]

“Hearing Ain’t Listening”: Enhancing Your Safety Culture Development through Active Listening

In any safety culture development initiative, one skill that’s key for communicating a safety message in a group setting is listening.  But listening is more than just hearing.  In fact, listening and hearing are two different things. Hearing is a faculty / listening is a skill.  Just because we’ve heard a question or response from […]

The Energy/Attitude Dynamic in Safety Culture Development

“No one wants to work in an unsafe environment, right? Everyone wants to go home the same way they came in to work. So why is it so hard to get people to get with the program?” These questions were posed to me by an HSE professional tasked with safety culture development in his organization. […]

Achieving Safety Excellence: Tips for Enhancing Your Safety Leadership Presence

There are many things that we can do and should do to enhance our leadership presence when communicating a safety message, especially if that message is directed toward groups of people whom we have tasked with achieving safety excellence. Oftentimes when leading safety communication, the leader is simply not loud enough, or confident enough, or […]