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Near Miss as Stadium Ceiling Collapses Due to Faulty Safety Management Plan

“Organisers of badminton’s Vietnam Open rushed to set up a new venue on Wednesday and resume play for the shuttlers who had a narrow escape from a ceiling collapse at an indoor stadium,” reports a Reuters news source. Although no one was hurt, the players and spectators at the Phan Dinh Phung Sports Center in […]

Avoiding Heat Problems at Work

Summer temperatures can make it uncomfortable to work on construction sites, at jobs requiring a lot of protective gear, on roofs and other places where the temperatures are high. But more than discomfort, heat can cause physical and mental problems. Your body isn’t made to handle high temperatures. According to health and safety consultants, heat […]

Safety Management Plan “Suspended” at the Circus

Working at heights is carefully monitored and regulated by OHSA guidelines and covered in each company’s safety management plan. Imagine coming up with a plan that covers eight employees suspending themselves from a circular platform 35 feet above the ground. Without a net. It’s not what you find on most work sites, but it’s a […]

The Height of Safety

Half of all fatalities from work accidents are caused by falling from heights. They are one of biggest reasons workers suffer long-term injuries. And most of these falls can be prevented. Falls can happen from overhead platforms, work stations that are high up, or from plummeting down holes in the ground or flooring. A safety […]

Six Ways to Make Your Safety Talks “Stick” (Part 1)

Some are certainly better than others, but most could still stand improvement. I’m referring to safety meetings and the way they’re conducted, in whatever shape they may take or in whatever venue they may be held. Many safety meetings, regardless of industry or type of meeting, the meeting leader usually ends up reading the meeting […]