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Slipping into Autumn

Autumn brings the rich, beautiful colors of fall leaves. People spend hours during their weekends on driving or walking tours just to take in all the beauty. But as it gets colder, those leaves fall to the ground, creating a domino effect of slip hazard. Deciduous trees like maples and oaks lose their leaves each […]

“Leaves of Three, Leave Them Be!”

Poison ivy is more than a menace at picnics. It also grows around job sites, ready to cause problems when you least expect it. If you work outside, know how to recognize the plant and protect yourself from its irritating effects. Many safety management courses teach workers how to identify the plant, but here is […]

Night Shift Work Impacts Health and Safety

More than 15 million people in the United States regularly work late in the evening, at night, or on rotating shifts. These late hours  are essential in a wide range of industries, as diverse as all-night eateries, hotels, fire departments, industrial plants and factories and television stations. Health and safety consultants have pointed out a […]

Get Them Moving! Creative Ways to Make Your Safety Talks “Stick”

Last issue we looked at a two tips for conducting more effective, more engaging safety meetings–namely, “lead it, don’t read it,” and “ask, don’t tell.”  Both of these tips, taken together, will help eliminate the monotonous, disengaged safety meetings many of us have unfortunately grown accustomed to. In this issue we’ll look at another tip […]

Hammering Home Safety

Cartoon are rife with characters holding up a swelled, throbbing thumb caused by banging it with a hammer, trying to do some do-it-yourself home maintenance. The hammer is one of the most basic tools for a homeowner and one of the most useful. Unfortunately, users tend to take its operation for granted. Workers and homeowners […]