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Trash Collectors: Essential Workers Doing A Dangerous Job

A trash collector has a tough job. Even with modern refuse and recycling trucks and automatic lifters, it demands a lot of lifting, pushing and pulling. The Dangers Are Everywhere And garbage is, well, garbage. The contents present their own potential hazards, including glass and other sharp objects, dirt and grime, pressurized containers, and infectious […]

Safer Chemicals Mean Healthier Workers

The number of chemicals used in industrial, office and construction workplaces each day is staggering. And many workers are indeed staggering from the physical effects of toxic fumes and constant exposure. Safety management plans can identify the obvious ones, but the fact is the number of chemicals that in use and under regulation are fewer […]

Getting Ready For The Big One

OSHA has released new guidelines for protecting workers during an earthquake. They recommend that a safety management plan educate workers about hazards to avoid, safety procedures, evacuation and emergency action plans. And it can happen anywhere. Though this is a major concern for people living on the West Coast of the United States, it also […]

Protected: Safety Leadership: It’s About Leading EQUITABLY, Not EQUALLY

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Concrete Workers Perform Exorcism on a Power Trowel

A concrete motor trowel is used on construction sites to smooth finished surfaces. This one has a mind of its own. Watch this video, a little over 2 minutes long, complete with snarky (but genuinely funny) commentary from the guys behind the camera. Think John Belushi as the Samurai in the kitchen, crossed with a […]