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Criticism or Advice? Some Tips for Coaching Safety-Leadership Behaviors

We often hear the phrase “constructive criticism” used for coaching or feedback. But there’s really no such thing; criticism is criticism. The word is defined as “the act of passing judgment,” and that’s what it’s about in the mind of the receiver: “He’s judging my performance negatively.” Consequently, the receiver tends to tune out to […]

Strengthening Your Safety Management Plan for the Workplace

There are multiple challenges that both employers and employees face in the workplace, and of course one of these is to ensure that everyone is safe on the job.  Despite this challenge, it’s possible to take simple measures that can add structure to a safety management program and drastically reduce accidents.  The following general tips […]

Protected: Understanding Your Authoritative Safety Leadership Style

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Five Simple Ways to Improve Your Workplace Safety

Building a good safety climate for your business can sound a whole lot more intimidating than it actually is.  In fact, you can give your workplace safety performance a big boost just by following these five tips: 1.  Make sure your employees have the right expertise: If a particular employee simply doesn’t have the skills […]

Job Safety Issue: U.S. Oil Boom Causing a Boom in Workplace Injuries

According to recently released data from FracTracker — an independent oil and gas research organization that’s affiliated with the University of Pittsburgh’s Center for Healthy Environments and Communities — there are more than one million active oil and gas wells around the country. However, nearly half of the 8.4 million barrels of oil that are […]