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A Three-Step Process for Better Safety Leadership Walkthroughs (Pt 1)

We’ve already addressed the most salient points for improving our safety leadership walkthroughs.  And if we do just those things, we’re going to be in pretty good shape and we’ll be on the right leadership track.  So I want to devote the rest of this series to a three-step safety-leadership walkthrough process that adds some […]

Safety Leadership Walkthroughs: Causes of Missed Opportunities (Part 3)

“Everything going okay here?”  “Things going as planned?”  “Not having any problems, are we?”  Can you guess what all these questions have in common?  Well, if you guessed that all of them are examples of closed-ended questions, you’d be right, but only half right.

Safety Leadership Walkthroughs: Causes of Missed Opportunities (Part 2)

The way to engage employees on the floor or in the field is to ask questions.  The problem is, the types of questions we ask tend to invite the responses they think we want to hear.  This represents still another missed opportunity that makes our safety leadership walkthroughs not quite as effective as they could […]