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Are You Holding Workplace Training and Developing for the Future?

In an earlier issue we discussed the importance of starting the development process and workplace training with the end game in mind, and there I suggested building and using a competency model to define the desired future state.  But keep in mind that the desired future state is not just about the future state of […]

Building a Team Matters More Than Money

“A new study shows that in cohesive and cooperative work teams, employees may be more motivated by team spirit and the desire to help their coworkers than by money,” writes Laura Walter, Senior Editor of EHS Today in a recent article that appears on the EHS Today website. The study, conducted by researchers at the […]

Who Owns the Competency Development Process?

One issue that keeps coming up in our series on adding competency development to every training program is the question of ownership.  Who’s responsible for the employee’s competency development after the training is completed?

Asleep at the Wheel! Reducing Driver Fatigue

A major category (often the top category) of incidents in many organizations is preventable vehicle accidents, or PVAs.  And a large percentage of these are due to lapses in alertness caused by fatigue and drowsiness while driving that leads to falling asleep at the wheel.  But according to Sam Fleishman, president of the American Academy […]

Making Your Safety Training Outcomes-Based

If you want to ensure your safety training and development has purpose, is aligned to job responsibilities, and will actually make a difference in performance and behaviors, then you need to start by identifying the end game; namely, what are the desired outcomes you’d like to see in place as a result of that training?