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Lights . . Camera . . . Free Video Resources

These days there are countless free video resources available to anyone that wants to use them for safety training, safety meetings, or just as a personal reminder of best practices.  Some of these are from vendor sources, some are from non-profit (or free resource) organizations, and still others are from government sources. For instance, did […]

Using Visuals to Enhance Safety Meeting Engagement

If I tell you some facts and figures about a hazard, statistically you’ll remember only about 5% of what I told you after that conversation has ended.  But if I show you a picture of the hazard while I’m talking about it, you’ll remember about 35% of that conversation.  Now, if I tell you about […]

Rotating Safety Meeting Leaders for Better Engagement

Most organizations already subscribe to the notion that responsibility for safety resides at the level of each and every employee.  Yet, when the responsibility for safety communication in safety meetings is perceived by everyone else to be the unique domain of a special designee (whether the safety specialist or the supervisor) it tacitly communicates a […]