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Ask, Don’t Tell: Using Questions to Improve a Safety Meeting

The ultimate goal of a safety meeting is to communicate a message that raises safety awareness in the minds of your audience.  The problem , as we’ve already noted in the introduction video of this series, is that the majority of these meetings look more like one-way conversations.  You’ve delivered a message, but communication hasn’t […]

Tips for Avoiding Heat Exposure

The season is upon us (at least in the northern hemisphere) so safety talks are once again turning to the dangers of too much heat exposure.  In addition to the obvious risks (such as heat rash, heat exhaustion, and heat stroke) it’s important to know that “heat-related illness is also linked to injuries from falls, […]

A Safety Meeting Must ENGAGE

Engagement can mean a lot of different things; but in the context of a safety meeting it means primarily that you’ve succeeded in creating a situation in which your audience is fully vested in the topic, views the topic as wholly relevant to them, gives undivided attention to you and your message, and actively participates […]

P.A.C.E. Your Safety Meeting

There are two seemingly contradictory principles that need to be true for any safety meeting to be effective:  Control and structure on the one hand, and openness and fluidity on the other.  If you can’t control the flow of the meeting, or if it’s too chaotic, you may never get to the points you need […]

A Note on Our “10 Things” e-Book Safety Series

Some of our readers have already discovered these but we thought we’d make an official announcement.  We now have two downloadable “10 Things” e-books from our safety series available in our SBI Store. Each book focuses on a specific aspect of safety leadership.   The collection is growing and we’ll steadily add more volumes to […]