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What About Your C Players (part 3)? The ABCs of Safety Leadership

Last issue we looked at the common reasons managers tend to turn a blind eye to C players they may have on their team, and the common barriers to removing a C player.  And as we noted, there are really only three things you can do about C players: (1) develop them into B players, […]

What About Your C Players? The ABCs of Safety Leadership

How do C players land the job they have in the first place?  Some people talk a good game to get in the organization and don’t lay all their cards on the table until they settle in.  Others came in with an A or B player attitude, but then become disengaged and fell to the […]

What About Your C Players? The ABCs of Safety Leadership

You’ve probably seen them.  In fact, how could you miss them?  They litter virtually every leadership seminar, website, boardroom and book you come across these days.  I’m referring to motivation posters with beautiful pictures intended to inspire, but with otherwise trite or cliche messages about some aspect of what’s required to achieve success. 

Announcing: “From Compliance to Culture” SBI’s Public Safety Leadership Workshops

safetyBUILT-IN announces the official launch of its public safety leadership workshops!  Starting in the fall of this year you will have four separate opportunities to be trained directly by the safetyBUILT-IN team in the same proven safety leadership concepts we use with our clients to build safety leadership, improve safety culture, lead culture change, reduce […]

Developing Your Bench: The ABCs of Safety Leadership

In our last Recordable INSIGHTS we talked about how to manage and motivate your A players.  Remember, these are your champions in a safety leadership culture, so it’s important to bring them on board and develop their skills.  But it’s your B players who will finally settle the culture.