Archives for March 2012

Asleep on the Job Again!

“On Sunday, March 11, the beginning of daylight savings time, clocks will move forward an hour and everyone can enjoy additional sunlight at the end of the day.  Unfortunately, this change also means that many sleep schedules will be affected – which can have health and safety consequences,” reports EHS Today in an article on […]

Leading Safety with “Presence”

One of the most underrated success factors in leading safety culture is your ability to radiate a leadership presence. “Leadership presence” is that quality of leadership that causes people to want to cease the direction they’re going, and follow you instead. It’s the thing that captures their attention, commands their respect, and inspires them to […]

Safety First, Second, or Third?

The folks at Safety|NewsAlert have taken issue with a recent Q & A post by Mike Rowe, the Dirty Jobs guy on the Discovery Channel, who explains to one of his viewers why he doesn’t take safety precautions on the show.  While I can agree with the overall point Safety|NewsAlert makes (it’s just idiotic to […]