Archives for February 2012

Safety Coaching the Tough Situations

We’ve looked at how to use the G.R.O.W. model for safety coaching performance and behaviors.  But sometimes the situation you are coaching is dire and calls for a more forceful approach.  In those cases, we’ll still use the G.R.O.W. model, but we’ll modify it to fit the occasion.  As with any coaching session, we’ll still […]

Finding the SBI Safety Archives

Ever since the redesign of the safetyBUILT-IN website we’ve gotten emails and comments from our internet community and internet visitors asking about our past articles:  “How do I access earlier issues of Recordable INSIGHTS?” or “I can no longer find a vlog article I know I’ve read in the past!” Most of these concerns come […]

Belief Trumps Behaviors in Safety Culture Leadership

What is the focus of your safety message?  If a safety-culture initiative can be compared to a “body,” then the answer to this question is comparable to the heart.  Answer it incorrectly, and you’ll cut off the circulation to the veins of your initiative.  Answer it correctly, and the result will be a living organism […]

SBI Safety Forums are Now Live!

The safetyBUILT-IN Safety Forums are now live! This is a Members-Only area, and you must register to access or even view the discussion forums.  The forum was built nearly a year ago but we made the decision at that time not to activate them until now.  This was due to excessive spam registrations and we […]

Safety Leadership Coaching: Tying it All Together

Over the past few videos we’ve looked at how to coach safety leadership behaviors and performance; and we looked at how to do that using the G.R.O.W. coaching model.  Here are some key summary points for getting this to work for you. First, accentuate the positive.  Remember to praise what they did well before suggesting […]