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How to Build and Lead a Sustainable Safety Culture (Part 2)

  What’s one thing you’ve done recently to promote a safety culture? Think about that question long and hard before answering. Is it that you’ve taken steps to reinforce a safety policy that has been neglected? Is it that you’ve conducted some safety observations and done some corrective actions around that? Is it that you’ve […]

How to Build and Lead a Sustainable Safety Culture (Part 1)

  In our recent blog and vlog series on safety culture, we talked about how to promote safety as a core value instead of a high priority, and we looked at why it’s important to view safety in that way. Remember, if a principle or ideal is imposed upon me externally, I’m not likely to […]

Safety as a Core Value (Part 2-3)

Why it Matters Continuing our thoughts on the differences between safety as a high priority and safety as a core value (this is part 2 or part 3, depending on whether you count the introductory article), the question naturally arises, Why is this important in the first place? Some companies use slogans that reflect safety […]

Safety as a Core Value (Part 1)

What Do You Value Most in Life? The answer to this question is surprisingly predictable; so predictable, in fact, that we’ve built it into our “From Compliance to Culture” safety-leadership program and made it the guiding principal (or “theme,” if you will) for everything else we do in that program—whether leadership, or communication, or coaching. […]